Missouri State University

Waiver Exam Information

If you feel that you have sufficient computer knowledge, you may take the Computers For Learning (CFL) waiver exam. By passing this exam, you will be waived from having to take Computers For Learning (CIS 101 or CSC 101).

  • There is no fee to take the exam.
  • Students entering the University for the first time with the Fall 2010 semester may have two attempts at the exam.  Students who entered the University under the previous requirements are limited to a single attempt.  If you are not sure if you qualify for a second attempt, please contact the CFL Coordinator at SueMcCrory@MissouriState.edu.
    • Due to the volume of students who are eligible for the exam and the very limited seat space we have available for any given test date, "failure to appear" will count as a failed attempt at the exam.  Exceptions will be made for students who contact the Coordinator in advance and cancel their registration, however, students must receive a confirmation of the cancellation in order to be eligible for this exception.
  • Students enrolled in or attending CIS 101, CSC 101, or CSC 111 must drop the class within the first week of class to be eligible to take the exam.  Students with an "N"  or "W" on their transcript for CIS 101, CSC 101, or CSC 111 are NOT eligible to take the exam.
  • Students who have completed the classes listed above (with either a passing or failing grade) are not eligible.
  • This exam is PASS/NO PASS - numeric scores are not released to students who take the exam, or to any other party.
  • The exam is a combination of objective questions regarding computer concepts/topics (40%) and "hands-on" tasks in Word 2013,  Excel 2013, and PowerPoint 2013 (60%).  Please see the Study Guide for more specific information.
  • Results will be sent via email no later than 5 PM the first business day following an exam.

If you pass the exam you will NOT receive credit for the class; you may need to make up the two credit hours in your overall degree program by taking another (elective) course.

To pass, a student must correctly answer 80% of the questions.  If you do not pass, you MUST take CIS 101 or CSC 101 (they are the same class) or CSC 111.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail the Computers For Learning Coordinator, Sue McCrory, at (417) 836-6120.