Missouri State University

Computers for Learning


As of June 30, 2018, InQsit will no longer be available for testing or similar academic activities.
InQsit will be restricted to surveys and balloting.

Questions? Contact Sue McCrory.

The Computers For Learning course aimed to prepare students to be competent, discerning users of today's technology, confident to adapt to the changes of the future. Today's students need to be able to select specific computer resources to perform particular tasks. Computer use is integrated across the curriculum, with thoughtful matching of skills to appropriate subject material, to ensure that the use of computers enhances student learning. This approach aimed to provide students with the skills to become both competent users of a range of computer applications and adaptable problem-solvers.

NOTE: as of the Spring 2016 semester, this course (CIS/CSC 101) has been removed from the course catalog, and is no longer available through the Springfield campus. This requirement has been waived for all students who are in the previous general education program.